Investing in yourself

One of the most often asked questions about boudoir photography is, “why is a boudoir session so expensive?” And while I completely understand the initial sticker shock when potential clients look at the pricing, I also know that the boudoir experience isn’t just any old bedroom photoshoot. Instead, the boudoir experience is a unique, empowering, and life-changing. What happens behind the scenes and the transformation you will feel in my studio is well worth the money. And if you’re not entirely convinced by the client photos on my website, here are five reasons why this luxury experience is worth the investment.

Your Session Includes A Free Wardrobe Consultation

Before every session I send out a lot of material about how to prepare for your boudoir shoot. But I find most women stress over what they will wear the day of their session. That’s why I offer a wardrobe consultation, so we can discuss what outfits may compliment your body type and photograph best in my studio. As a result, you will be 100 percent confident in the outfits you invest in when you walk in for your session, and I can guarantee they will photograph beautifully! If you’re not up to the task of lingerie shopping, I have a client closet for you to choose from.  

Professional Makeup Is Included

That’s right, ladies; you won’t be sticking on your own lashes before you come into the studio. Instead, your morning starts with a glam session, glass of wine, cheese, music, and laughter. We will look at any inspirational photos you bring along and work to achieve your desired look. I have the best professional makeup artist, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing when you show up! For some women, this pampering alone is worth the money you pay for your session, and when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’ll understand.

Professional Posing Coaching and Lighting

If you’ve ever seen client photos, you may wonder how they knew how to pose themselves in ways that made their body look amazing. Most of my clients have no posing experience whatsoever, so I spend the session posing them from head to toe. Part of my job is to ensure that I capture photos of your body at angles you probably wouldn’t think about and in poses you may not naturally get into. I am also constantly thinking about optimizing the lighting in the room to make sure your photos are perfectly lit. I know you love your ring light, but once you see the way your body looks in professional lighting, you’ll never go back to bathroom selfies.

Professional Retouching

After the shoot, I spend a lot of time going through the hundreds of photos we took together and touching them up to showcase the best of your body. This takes hours and can differentiate a professional boudoir photographer from an amateur one. The saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true when it comes down to the photos and the album or art you walk away with. Many potential clients have a hard time understanding why they would want anything beyond their digitals to take home with them and think that they may skip the custom album or wall art, but after the session, they are so excited with their photos that they want them bound professionally. Plus, do you really want just anyone printing off your pictures, getting a good look at you in your lingerie?

You Are Investing In More Than Just A Photo Session

They don’t call it a luxury experience for nothing! This journey begins with you clicking to book a session, continues with the pampering, and really hits its stride when you start to feel the magic happening inside of you during the session. This experience is a powerful one, and it will change your life if you let it. You will leave feeling empowered, valued, and worthy of every investment in yourself. You deserve a day of luxury no matter the cost. So, invest in yourself and your self-care for once and book a session today!