5 Non-Lingerie Options for Your Boudoir Session

When you dream about a boudoir session, your mind probably immediately thinks of glammed up women in lingerie. And maybe you’ve considered booking a session, but you’re not quite comfortable posing in these slinky little pieces. Well, great news! What you wear to your session is entirely up five looks that will make you feel both beautiful and comfortable during your session. 

Something From Your Partner’s Closet

A stunningly gorgeous woman in a man’s button-down shirt makes for a gorgeous picture. Layered with a casual bra and panty set, this look will leave your partner with their jaw on the floor. This comfortable look is also a little more modest for those women who aren’t ready to bare it all, but it is no less sexy! You’ll leave your partner wanting to see more after they get a glimpse of you in their shirt!

Is their closet a little more casual? Throw on a sports jersey to show your team pride. Even if you’re not a super fan, you will be when you see yourself in your pictures! Nothing sports-related in their closet? How about grabbing one of their favorite graphic t-shirt? Paired with some cute underwear, or not, you will make that worn-out band t-shirt look brand new. 

A Silk Robe

Double down on the luxury experience by wearing a luxurious silk robe for your photos. Pair it with a sexy bra and panty set. A silk robe can cover any spots you’re not comfortable revealing, but still gives you a peek of all the right places! 


You know you’re a badass, so let your pictures show that side of you! There is nothing sexier than a woman in a leather jacket and lace underwear. It’s bold. It’s edgy. It will leave you feeling empowered and full of attitude. Don’t have a leather jacket? How about some thigh high leather boots? I’ll help you pose from head to toe, so we can showcase your legs to make them look miles long!

Statement Shoes or Jewelry

Layer yourself in pearls or show off that diamond bracelet you only take out for special occasions! Whether or not your jewelry is real or fake it will make you look like a million bucks in your photos.  Let’s not forget about stilettos!! We will strut around the studio showcasing you wearing nothing but those sexy stilettos!

Bare It All

Feeling like you’ve exhausted your search and found nothing?! No problem, at all! Boudoir photography is meant to make you love every inch of yourself, and what better way to do that than to wear nothing at all! Some of the most beautiful shots are those with just a sheet draped over your curves. Your body is a beautiful canvas and wearing nothing celebrates every inch of you!

So, now that you know exactly what to wear for your session, email me to get you on the calendar! 



Investing in yourself

One of the most often asked questions about boudoir photography is, “why is a boudoir session so expensive?” And while I completely understand the initial sticker shock when potential clients look at the pricing, I also know that the boudoir experience isn’t just any old bedroom photoshoot. Instead, the boudoir experience is a unique, empowering, and life-changing. What happens behind the scenes and the transformation you will feel in my studio is well worth the money. And if you’re not entirely convinced by the client photos on my website, here are five reasons why this luxury experience is worth the investment.

Your Session Includes A Free Wardrobe Consultation

Before every session I send out a lot of material about how to prepare for your boudoir shoot. But I find most women stress over what they will wear the day of their session. That’s why I offer a wardrobe consultation, so we can discuss what outfits may compliment your body type and photograph best in my studio. As a result, you will be 100 percent confident in the outfits you invest in when you walk in for your session, and I can guarantee they will photograph beautifully! If you’re not up to the task of lingerie shopping, I have a client closet for you to choose from.  

Professional Makeup Is Included

That’s right, ladies; you won’t be sticking on your own lashes before you come into the studio. Instead, your morning starts with a glam session, glass of wine, cheese, music, and laughter. We will look at any inspirational photos you bring along and work to achieve your desired look. I have the best professional makeup artist, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing when you show up! For some women, this pampering alone is worth the money you pay for your session, and when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, you’ll understand.

Professional Posing Coaching and Lighting

If you’ve ever seen client photos, you may wonder how they knew how to pose themselves in ways that made their body look amazing. Most of my clients have no posing experience whatsoever, so I spend the session posing them from head to toe. Part of my job is to ensure that I capture photos of your body at angles you probably wouldn’t think about and in poses you may not naturally get into. I am also constantly thinking about optimizing the lighting in the room to make sure your photos are perfectly lit. I know you love your ring light, but once you see the way your body looks in professional lighting, you’ll never go back to bathroom selfies.

Professional Retouching

After the shoot, I spend a lot of time going through the hundreds of photos we took together and touching them up to showcase the best of your body. This takes hours and can differentiate a professional boudoir photographer from an amateur one. The saying “you get what you pay for” really rings true when it comes down to the photos and the album or art you walk away with. Many potential clients have a hard time understanding why they would want anything beyond their digitals to take home with them and think that they may skip the custom album or wall art, but after the session, they are so excited with their photos that they want them bound professionally. Plus, do you really want just anyone printing off your pictures, getting a good look at you in your lingerie?

You Are Investing In More Than Just A Photo Session

They don’t call it a luxury experience for nothing! This journey begins with you clicking to book a session, continues with the pampering, and really hits its stride when you start to feel the magic happening inside of you during the session. This experience is a powerful one, and it will change your life if you let it. You will leave feeling empowered, valued, and worthy of every investment in yourself. You deserve a day of luxury no matter the cost. So, invest in yourself and your self-care for once and book a session today!

5 Reasons why boudoir will change your life

Boudoir photography empowers you like nothing else

Women have so many pressures from TV, social media and just about every other part of life about how we should look. The truth is that we each have our own looks and figures, and they’re what makes us beautiful in our own right. You are a truly beautiful woman, and if you want to feel empowered and in control of the way you look, nothing compares to a boudoir session.

Boudoir boosts your body confidence

When you decide to take the jump, you’re doing more than just getting some stunning images to treasure for a lifetime. You’re boosting your body confidence by embracing something you never thought you’d be able to do. It’s an inspiring personal journey that I want to be a part of as your Halifax boudoir photographer, and I’m ready when you are.

You get to celebrate your sexy curves in all their glory

Your curves are why he noticed you in the first place, so why not take images that put them in the spotlight? They’re beautiful, unique and what makes you the woman you are. Boudoir photography brings them to life in front of the lens.

Your partner will never forget those images

If you’re looking to add a little spice in the bedroom, look no further. The moment he sets eyes on the first image of the shoot he’ll never be able to get you out of his mind. Just what you need when you want to experience everything this beautiful art form has to offer.

Nothing compares to boudoir body positivity

Boudoir photography doesn’t just boost your confidence and give your partner something to think about. It’s a chance to showcase the real side of natural beauty in a way that the media tends to push to one side. Boudoir images don’t just change your life, they change the lives of women just like you too…

What does Self-Love look like to you?

It is a journey, which will be different for all of us. It is easy to be caught up in the business of life, but it is important that we start this journey for our own well-being.

Start your self-love journey by creating a list of things that you enjoy doing.  It can include a boudoir photoshoot, dancing, swimming, or getting a massage. Plan to engage in at least one of these things with intention this.

S – Solitude –      

Take some time away from scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and  whatever else that drains you.  Now just as Teddy Pendergrass’s song says ”Turn  off the lights and light a candle”.  Take a long bubble bath or shower, listen to your favourite music.  For me, the candlelight will calm my brain and slow my thoughts down.  I am present in that moment, breathing slowly, enjoying how the water feels on my skin, nothing else matters.

E – Embrace –

Who you are, celebrate your curves, in all their glory.  It’s easy to look at someone else’s life, outfit, body shape, hair, whatever and think “I wish I had that” We do this as a way of defining ourselves, trying to figure out who we are by focusing on what we lack. Surround yourself with positive people, focus on your strengths, and if you are unhappy learn to compete with yourself instead of those around you. Practice gratitude and participate enthusiastically in the successes of other

  L – Love –

 Your imperfections love your flaws, Love your uniqueness. Learning how to love yourself is a process, seeing countless photos of “ideal women” on the internet can be disheartening. Boudoir photography is a wonderful way to challenge the inner voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough, and it challenges the way society views beauty as well.

F – Femininity

Is what each woman decides for it to be. Flaunt it, nurture it, and do what feels good to you. I think…no…I have great legs!  I work out and I like to show them off.  I wear heels that will accentuate how muscular and tone they are. If at any time you are in doubt read Maya Angelou “Phenomenal Woman” and then go flaunt what your mama gave you.

L – Listen –

Negative self-talk even in our head is so damaging to our confidence and self-esteem. You would not allow anyone else to speak down to you; you do not deserve the abuse from yourself either. The most common self-limiting beliefs and phrases are “I’m not good enough. I am not smart enough. I can’t do this.” change the way you talk to yourself, and your body will thank you.         

O – Open Minded –

We go through life limiting ourselves, missing out on things that could bring us joy and pleasure.  All because of what we were taught.  There is nothing wrong with trying new things. Explore, do not close the doors on new possibilities.

V – Value – 

Invest in yourself, in your education, your mental health, your surroundings.  Give yourself the best version of yourself.  Make sure you put extra sprinkles on it too.                             

E – Empower – 

A boudoir experience can also be really outside your comfort zone, and therefore kind of nerve wracking. However, so are most things in life when you are trying it for the first time? That is why I am here! To help ease your fears along the way and guide you



What is a boudoir session?

A boudoir session is an empowering, sexy photography session, where you wear sexy lingerie, cute outfits, or implied nudity!  Here are 5 reasons why you NEED TO do a boudoir session in 2022!


Every woman deserves to celebrate how amazing they are!  A luxury boudoir photography session is a great way to celebrate you.  You’ll have a day of looking and feeling amazing and being treated like a queen!


 Whether you are celebrating getting married, a new beginning or you’ve reached your goal weight after working hard! Whatever personal milestone you are celebrating a luxury boudoir shoot is a great way to do it.


 Sexy photos for your significant other is an AMAZING surprise and an awesome way to light some sparks in your relationship.


 A boudoir shoot is a very EMPOWERING experience.  It takes a lot of confidence to do a boudoir shoot, even if you don’t ever show anyone your photos. But believe me you will when you see how AMAZING you look!


 If you don’t leave your boudoir shoot feeling sexy then I haven’t done my job.  A luxury boudoir session with Alli’s Photography will leave you feeling sexy, gorgeous, and confident!

At Alli’s Photography our main focus is to empower you and treat you like the queen you are. Schedule your consultation today by emailing me at sabrina.allisphotography@gmail.com



Body Acceptance

When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and thought ‘Damn, I look good!’?

If you are anything like me, having those moments with yourself may not be something that comes naturally to you.  We live in a world where we are surrounded by voices that can constantly make us feel as though we aren’t good enough. Between fad diets, social media, hustle culture, and whatever else we follow – it’s hard to tune out the noise and know what you personally need to feel whole inside and out.

The reality is body acceptance is not something that will happen overnight. Body acceptance is a lifelong journey that takes trial and error, many ups and downs, unlearning and relearning, and a whole lot of resilience.

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come over the years and have learned that there is nothing wrong with seeking support and guidance along the way.  

What I have discovered through photographing women from all walks of life, shapes, and sizes is: women are more resilient and courageous than we give ourselves credit for.

When my clients share deep personal stories about what led them to book a session I am always in awe of their courage and strength. They are unaware of how incredible they truly are.

Boudoir is invigorating and empowering for your mind, body, and soul.  It is an experience that affirms your self-worth, strength, and beauty. You will have your images to look back on and fill you with unconditional love for yourself, your body, and everything that has made you who you are.

You will be nervous booking a shoot and having doubts leading up to the date of the shoot, and that is perfectly normal. But you already have everything it takes to slay your session; all it takes is the courage to begin the process and walk through the studio doors on shoot day.  My team and I will be right by your side guiding you through the entire process.

The first step to booking your session is to email me at Sabrina.allisphotography@gmail.com to schedule a 10–15-minute consultation with me. During your phone consultation, I’ll walk you through what to expect before, during and after your session as well as answer any questions you may have about your experience.

What I love about boudoir photography is getting to know so many beautiful women like you to help them reach new levels of self-love.

Can’t wait to chat with you!




She has a story. Life has taught her many valuable lessons but she does not regret any, because they have made her who she is today. 

She is likely between the age of 30 and 65 years old. She is a caregiver, a mother, a partner, single or divorced.

She knows it is her time.

She knows the importance of self-care and investing in herself. She treats herself when she can, she travels, loves to dine out with friends occasionally, and listens to podcasts about empowerment and self-care

When she looks in the mirror she feels confident and wants to capture the beautiful, sexy, and strong woman looking back at her.

She lives locally, maybe 2 provinces away and is willing to travel because connecting with a photographer she trusts is more important than the cost.

She has heard about how empowering boudoir experiences are, and she is ready to show off  that powerful and sexy side.

She is ready to invest in a boudoir session.