Love / Invest / Empower

Boudoir is not about photos in lingerie.
It’s about finding beauty in yourself, in nothing but lingerie.

How it works

You really have to experience a boudoir shoot to believe me when I say it is the most fun, exciting, emboldening experience ever.

You’ll schedule your session with me after we connect for a free consultation.  Once you have your date, you can start by picking out your boudoir outfit, or two to feel comfortable with the look.  I’ll send you a prep guide that details every little thing to consider as you prep for the big day.  You’ll sign your online booking contract, the COVID-19 Release of Liability Form, and pay a non-refundable retainer, and soon enough, you’ll be in my studio.

I’ll have makeup done for you, so you’ll feel like a superstar.  You’ll relax in my cozy studio and treated to a glass of wine.  Then, you’ll have your photoshoot with me.  I will guide you through the whole thing, and make sure you’re laughing and having fun in the process.

Soon enough you’ll be back at my studio to view your photos at your premier session and order only the images and products you love to commemorate the experience.  I offer the highest quality prints, albums and frames that will make you feel like a goddess.



Investing in yourself

One of the most often asked questions about boudoir photography is, “why is a boudoir session so expensive?” And while I completely understand the initial


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